Our Process

The core of our entire process revolves around understanding your needs. Our goal is to build a home that meets all of your needs – your financial, architectural, and family concerns are all addressed when we build your home.

First Steps: 

1.) Contact Us –  Metrose will introduce you to your expert real estate team who will walk you through each step of our process

2.) Shop Your Lot – Pick from one of Metrose own shovel ready lots in one our communities or we can assist in locating and developing lots or even “raw” land elsewhere

3.) Team Meet – Upon finding your property you will place your deposit, meet to design your home with our architect and your realtor.  You will start with some basic layouts to guide the process and give ideas – with assistance from your Metrose design team – you custom design your home from basement to roof and all that is inside

4.) Finish! – Your home plan goes to the construction team and they take all your ideas and dreams and make them a reality.  When you get your keys your dreams are now reality.  Metrose is still there for you by providing a 10 year warranty on your home.

Join Metrose and Build your Dreams! 

Many of our craftsmen have worked for Metrose Custom Homes since the company began and we rely on their skilled workmanship and creativity to construct our custom homes. We believe that building a superior home can only be achieved by working as a team. At Metrose, the customer, architect, craftsmen and interior designers work together to create a beautiful and individualized yet functional, home. We look forward to working together with you to design and build your new home.

Written email from a Metrose Home Owner:
“Morning Tabitha, Laureen, Eric: First off I want to thank you all for being so accommodating with our move and all. You have really made it easy and enjoyable to work with! My wife and I are really excited to move into the new house!”